Our Ranch Story

Nemaha Valley Cattle Company is a family owned and operated Angus seedstock operation and we have been since our founding in 1993. Quite honestly, everything we do here on the ranch is a labor of love. We are located near Bern, Kansas in the heart of the Nemaha river valley.

We have experience in all facets of beef production. Neal began working with his father in 1986 with his commercial cow/calf operation. The real story begins in 1993 when Neal decided to go out on his own and bought six registered, bred Angus heifers. From there, our operation has grown to a herd of nearly 400 cows. Our females have a solid foundation of maternal and carcass genetics. We have built a balanced breeding program using synchronization, fixed-time artificial insemination, embryo transfer and proven genetics.

We grew again in 2003 when Neal and Marya were married. She had grown up around a commercial cow/calf operation and was no stranger to the ranch way of life. We kept on growing with the addition of four very energetic ranch hands! Dane, Adelaide, Sullivan and Ian love helping on the ranch and pitching in where ever and whenever they can. One day we hope, with God’s grace, that we will be able to pass what we have built and the traditions of the ranch into their capable hands.

We strive to produce genetics that can yield high quality beef while excelling in all segments of the industry. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are the cornerstones of our breeding program. These techniques allow us to utilize the best sires in the breed and to propagate the best genetics in our own herd. Performance records and genomic testing are tools we provide for our customers so that they can safely and confidently select the best genetics for their programs.

Over the years, we have fed many of our own home-grown cattle and cattle purchased from our bull customers out to collect performance and carcass data. With our experience in both seedstock and commercial sides of the business we are positioned to help our customers grow to their full potential.

Nemaha Valley Cattle Company markets registered Angus bulls by private treaty as well as select open and bred females. These animals showcase more than 25 years of predictable, proven Angus genetics.

Trust, honesty, integrity ~ when our customers succeed; so do we!

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