Herd Sires

There are noticeable trends that can be identified in the herd sires we use here at Nemaha Valley Cattle Company. While calving ease, growth and carcass traits are obvious traits that add value, we also focus heavily on traits that are a little more difficult to measure such as docility, maternal traits (besides milk), feed efficiency and structure. We truly believe our balanced trait bulls offer our customers the best opportunity to be profitable at the ranch level while helping build demand for beef at the consumer level.

Nemaha Southside 6121

Registration Number: 18597620
Date of Birth: March 26, 2016
Sire: K C F Bennett Southside
Dam: Nemaha Trista 1095-0035

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This herd sire blends the high performance of his sire with the outstanding maternal strength of his awesome Pathfinder dam, Nemaha Trista 1095-0035, sired by Final Answer. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Docility, Carcass Weight, $W, $F and $B. He also ranks in the top 2% for RADG and Scrotal, top 5% CEM and top 10% Marbling. Not many bulls can boast an EPD profile like his.

Mohnen Substantial 272

Registration Number: 17292558
Date of Birth: January 3, 2012
Sire: Benfield Substance 8506
Dam: Mohnen Glyn Mawr Elba 1758

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Substantial gives you sleep all night calving ease with outstanding structure, muscle and performance. He excelled in the Circle A Angus Sire Alliance for feed efficiency. He has a maternal and fertility oriented pedigree that will be an outcross for most Angus pedigrees.

Basin Payweight 1682

Registration Number: 17038724
Date of Birth: February 11, 2011
Sire: Basin Payweight 006S
Dam: 21AR O Lass 7017

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Payweight is one of the most ‘in demand’ bulls in the Angus breed. You cannot beat this bull for superior all around performance.

VAR Generation 2100

Registration Number: 17171587
Date of Birth: January 15, 2012
Sire: Connealy Consensus 7229
Dam: Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

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Generation is a maternal brother to Reserve and sired by Connealy Consensus. This bull will see heavy use in our program due to his outstanding EPD profile and the proven maternal strength of his pedigree.

Connealy Thunder

Registration Number: 15148659
Date of Birth: January 28, 2005
Sire: Baldridge Kaboom K243 KCF
Dam: Parka of Conanga 241

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Thunder has become a legend in the Angus breed for the superior females he leaves behind. He produces smooth made, functional, easy fleshing cows that are in demand with calving ease to boot.

SAV Resource 1441

Registration Number: 17016597
Date of Birth: January 7, 2011
Sire: Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Dam: S A V Blackcap May 4136

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Resource is a bull with breed leading growth and power. He sires cattle with excellent dispositions and great feet. His daughters are broody, easy keeping cows with great udders.

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